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Let's Thrive Baltimore Mobilizes to Aid Students Following Tragic Incident at Morgan State University

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In response to the distressing incident at Morgan State University, Let's Thrive Baltimore swiftly established an emergency service unit, where all staff members rallied together in support of the affected students. Following the unfortunate event, we took proactive steps to offer assistance, ensuring the mental well-being of those impacted.


The emergency service unit facilitated a supportive environment with a licensed therapist on site. Recognizing the need for immediate care, we assisted 19 students who required a reprieve by providing transport to return home.


In a display of solidarity, Let's Thrive Baltimore actively engaged with the community by participating in the youth march. We contributed essential supplies, including water and snacks, to aid and support the march's participants as they voiced their advocacy for change and healing.


Maintaining close communication with students in leadership roles and school administration, Let's Thrive Baltimore effectively gauged and responded to the evolving needs of the student body. Responding swiftly, we provided transportation solutions, including the purchase of train and bus tickets, to assist students requiring a temporary change of environment or a necessary break.


Let's Thrive Baltimore's dedicated and immediate response in extending comprehensive support to students following the tragic incident at Morgan State University underscores our unwavering commitment to the community.

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