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Let's Thrive Baltimore

The Full Story

Join us in uncovering the powerful story of Let’s Thrive Baltimore, a community-driven initiative combating gun violence and fostering safety. Delve into the heartwarming solidarity and impactful strategies that are reshaping Baltimore, advocating for change, and supporting families. Discover how collective efforts in healing, partnerships, and advocacy are building a safer, empowered community.

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Mobilizing Hope: Let's Thrive Baltimore's Support Efforts for Morgan State Students

Following the distressing incident at Morgan State University, Let's Thrive Baltimore sprang into action, establishing an emergency service unit to aid affected students. With a licensed therapist on site, the organization swiftly provided support, assisting 19 students in need of a mental break by arranging transportation home.

Community Resilience and Solidarity: Let’s Thrive Baltimore's Response to Tragedy in the Brooklyn Community

Discover how Let’s Thrive Baltimore, alongside the Mayor's Office, reached out to support and uplift the Brooklyn Community in the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting. Read about our collaborative efforts to provide comfort, healing, and resources for a community in need, and learn how you can be a part of this journey toward resilience and recovery.

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Empowering Youth Success: Let's Thrive Baltimore's Enrichment Celebration Highlights

Celebrate the remarkable achievements of Let's Thrive Baltimore's Summer Enrichment Program participants! Join us in recognizing our outstanding youth leaders who have empowered their peers with essential life skills. Read about the inspiring highlights of this memorable event, featuring influential guest speakers, impressive dance performances, and heartwarming awards.

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Digital Equity Involvement

Lets Thrive Baltimore is apart of the Digital Equity Coalition and is committed to taking on the digital divide in Baltimore City by connecting families to resources they can receive Wi-Fi, providing computers, tablets, laptops, and the skills necessary to navigate this technology for a better opportunity to thrive !

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