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Unity in Tragedy: Let’s Thrive Baltimore’s Compassionate Response to Brooklyn's Grieving Community

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In the Wake of Tragedy: Let’s Thrive Baltimore Stands with the Brooklyn Community

Let’s Thrive Baltimore extended a heartfelt hand of support to the grieving Brooklyn Community following the tragic mass shooting that claimed the lives of Aaliyah Gonzales and Kylis Fagbemi, leaving eight others injured. In collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (MONSE), our Youth Directors dedicated their time to engage the community in vital discussions about gun violence and provided avenues for young individuals to access essential mental health services.




Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Baltimore Children & Youth Fund, Brooklyn Healing Day saw the symbolic planting of two trees within the community in honor of Aaliyah and Kylis. Additionally, 60 raised beds adorned with vibrant flowers were installed, aimed at fostering healing and tranquility for the victims and the entire community. Shareef Food Truck generously contributed by providing 150 nourishing meals to support and uplift the community during this challenging time.

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We don't forget about the broader spectrum of aid, and we made sure to also extend aid to older adults in the community by distributing gift cards and organizing an engaging bingo game, offering a moment of joy and connection amid adversity.


This collective effort stands as a testament to our commitment to solidarity, healing, and support for the Brooklyn Community during their time of need. Together, we strive to bring comfort, healing, and resilience to those affected by this tragic event. 

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