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Let's Thrive Baltimore's

Call to Action

Let’s Thrive Baltimore.


Let’s not just survive, let’s prosper.


Let’s celebrate our young people.


Let’s provide the resources and technology we need to reach our promise.


Let’s create jobs building safe and beautiful places to play.


Let’s create the opportunities we need to flourish and follow their passions.


Let’s create jobs that let parents provide on the table and the savings in the bank.


Let’s uplift parents through career consulting and access to credit.


Let’s support strong relationships between our seniors and our youth.


Let’s engage hurting families in conversations that help them heal.


Let’s demand the best health care for our seniors.


Let’s end the school-to-prison pipeline, so our Families can thrive in love and strength.

Let’s end gun violence through bold advocacy and community solutions.


Let’s mold a safe community where our children can play outside without their families worrying.


Let’s mold an environment where parents see their children grow up.


Let’s organize to create the vibrant city we deserve.


Let’s Elect leaders we are proud of and Hold Them Accountable.


Let’s walk together and move with the heartbeat of this city.


We refuse to just get by.


Let’s refuse scarcity and live in abundance.


Let’s pour our passion into Art, Technology, Industry, beautification, and healthy families.


Let’s celebrate our Community.


Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

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