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Let's Thrive Baltimore

Let's Thrive Baltimore was founded in 2016 with the mission to provide holistic community support, strategies, and awareness for families impacted by trauma in Baltimore City. We envision a Baltimore that is thriving for youth and families. We have served over 9,000  individuals each year.


We run projects including mentoring, job programs, and support groups for our youth and their families; financial literacy, career consulting, and therapeutic programs for families; housing, rental, and cash assistance for survivors of violence; and cleaning and greening projects in the city. We began serving 1,000 meals a day in Baltimore when the COVID-19 outbreak began and have secured funding to continue that service until April 2021. We have also recently launched programs on police reform and stopping human trafficking. Police reform and human trafficking have ended.


Read our Call to Action and donate to help us help Baltimore thrive.

Digital Equity in Baltimore

We are providing students and parents with laptops when available

Let's Thrive Baltimore 

Let's Thrive Baltimore Food Distribution COVID-19 Response

As of  March 21, 2022, Thrive meals distribution site contributions are valued at $506,000

TOTAL: $777,998

Thrive-COVID19 Response

As of

March 21, 2022,=$777,998

  • Provided Poultry, Produce, and Canned Goods valued at $65,280

  • Daily food distribution and produce to children, seniors, isolated families, and homeless individuals $506,000

  • Supplying students with digital devices & Accessories as of  March 21, 2022 

  • valued at =$74,950

  • Disbursed $2700 in Cash App giveaways for meals, prescription costs, and COVID19-supplies.

  • Distributed $7740 in Covid19 Supplies

  • $18,947 in payroll to furloughed employees and our Developmental Youth Project

  • Provided PPE valued at $72,000

  • 3600 Energy Saving Kits valued at $40 each=$144,000

Our mission is to provide overall community support, strategies, and awareness for families impacted by trauma in Baltimore.